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Why Choose Pacific Communications Cabling?


Pacific Communications Cabling will be a leading local cable company specializing in commercial communications and cabling services. We will build and maintain our reputation on superior service, exceptional workmanship, value, and community involvement.


Pacific Communications Cabling was created by hand picking the top management, production, and installation team with the sole belief in creating long-term customer relationships. 


Quality, professionalism, and craftsmanship is the pledge we make to our customers - it has fueled our growth and spread our reputation in the industry.


With our reliable in-house technicians, hands-on sales staff, and dedicated support team you are guaranteed to have your project “done right” the first time.


We have a registered 09 Electrical Administrator and RCDD on staff and our own in-house CAD design team for proper as-builts, job documentation, and design/build applications.

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