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Communications Cabling

Pacific Communications Cabling was established to provide a complete range of voice and data network design and infrastructure installation services. We pride ourselves on providing quality and a professional attitude when working with clients - our aim is to supply the best and most cost effective solution for our customers.

Our Services

Our Servuces

Our installation techniques allow our customers the flexibility to install any combination of phones, modems, and analog lines at any location.

Twisted Pair

Unshielded Twisted Pair has been designed for use in voice applications and local area networks. Because of the relatively low cost, this cable is widely used and is available in several different performance categories.


Network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization - information. To minimize expensive data network problems, Pacific Communications Cabling follows strict installation and testing guidelines.


A critical piece of the infrastructure puzzle for our customers. Coax has been the medium of choice for high fidelity audio, television, satellite, and broadband communications.


We install, terminate, and test multi-mode and single-mode fiber. This includes indoor and outside plant fiber - and we keep abreast of advances in the manufacture, termination, and testing standards of fiber optic cable.


Organizations are never static an neither is technology. Outgrowing infrastructure or inadequately accommodating future tech are concerns than need to best addressed beforehand. Consultation is the best way to  insure your current and futures needs are met. 



Ready to find out more?

Let us discuss how are services can assist you in your cabling needs. We are eager to evaluate your needs and develop a scope that will best serve you.

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